Looking for a unique girls' night? Want a fun way to celebrate a special event? Or in the need to treat yourself to a relaxing evening?
If you've answered yes to any of these, then Waiting To Escape has just what you need!
Host your party at the spa. Waiting To Escape will provide you and your friend with a soothing evening of beauty and massage. Round up some friends, Grab a bottle of wine, enjoy a good laugh and indulge in a Facial, Massage, and More.

Full body massage with calming and relaxation as a goal. A massage has many benefits that is effective tools to manage stress, which translates into: 
- Decreases Anxiety and Depression
- Enhances sleep quality
- improves concentration
- Relieve Migraine pain, etc.

* Prices Range from $30- $120
Facial treatments are becoming more and more popular everyday! A facial treatments is the most important thing you can ever do for your skin. Treatment in which consultant consults about issue you may have following a soothing cleanser, moisturizer, extract, and vitamins. Remember the secret to beautiful skin is prevention and maintenance.

*Prices range from $45-$55

Waxing provides a longer lasting and more effective method for hair removal than shaving or depilatories in addition, it helps reduce hair growth after repeated use.(First time use grow hair for 3 to 4 weeks ahead of appointment)

*Prices range from $5- $50
Make Up application is a fun way to play with colors that make you, You!

* Price $25
Eyelash Extention's has become the latest craze in this decade. Eyelash Extention's are individually placed to enhances the length, thickness, and Fullness to your natural lashes.

*Prices range from $50- $150
Brow Extention's are so inherently important for the symmetry for your face which  has been the upcoming Filler for your eyebrows, from thin to thick within a hour. Brow extention's are placed individually to enhance your eyebrows fullness.

*Price $60
Treatments W/ Massage Packages
Range from $90- $120

Beauty Packages
Range from $85- $140

Party Packages
                            4-7 people = $350
                            8-10 people = $450

Love Me\ Engagment package $200